The industrial age sprung forth the foundations for a rapid evolution in science and technology. It was no different for the Alliance, a collection of four planets in a solar system bound together by a trade, resource, and population distribution treaty. The Alliance comprises five worlds, three of which are without moons. Before the Alliance was formed, the system was under the possession and control of a very powerful trader named Equinox, an alias acquired during his youth.

Humanity, under his rule, was oppressed; their resources and hard labour were taken and sold to other traders of the stellar neighbourhood while the worlds received no compensation. Humans, as Equinox later discovered, could only be pushed to a certain extent before they rose up and revolted. The four worlds at the time, Radon being under Castra’s rule, succeeded in gaining their freedom. However, the four independent worlds continued to fight among one another for territory and resources.

Castra, the fourth planet from its star, orbits the red dwarf of the system once every 95 days. Castra and its moon, Radon, are resource-rich worlds and the hubs of raw materials for the Alliance. This green planet supplies most of the Alliance’s food, plant-derived materials, and medicine, making it the key planet in the Alliance.

Radon caters for nearly fifty percent of the Alliance’s metals, oils, and gases. It is uninhabitable in its natural state; its surface is covered in habitats for its population of over two million people. Radon is a puppet planet of Castra. After the civil wars, Castra declared them independent subject to an economic and political treaty. Their involvement in the Treaty provided the economic foundation for the Alliance.

The three other worlds are Aelon, the center world of the Alliance, situated comfortably in the middle of the system; Betar, a heavily industrial world and second planet from the star; and Dulta, the least profitable world with a highly strategic position as the last planet from the star, separating the Alliance’s territory from that of the Trade Collective, a conglomerate of trade merchants of which are only spoken in hushed tones in dark alleys.

A small group of highly powerful people gathered to use their influence and bring the worlds together in unity under the Treaty of The Five, which was signed shortly after Radon gained recognition as an independent state. The Alliance was born two hundred years after Equinox was defeated. The small group later became the Quibunal.

The Quibunal comprises five powerful and influential people, representing the five worlds. All civil and military laws are approved of by these five before implementation. They have near-absolute power over all the worlds. Although powerful, the Quibunal remain benevolent, restricting themselves against personal gain, directly or indirectly. Under the current Quibunal, the Alliance has enjoyed economic prosperity and civil and military peace. They believe in clandestine operations, but make most of the public-sector records available while respecting the privacy of the individual.

The ideology was dubbed Allied Integral Socialism.

Almost all of the production and services are government-owned or run. The few private corporations that still stand were erected before the Treaty of the Five These few corporations were the pioneers that raised the Alliance up in terms of science and technology. Their resources allowed for much of the lost information to be rediscovered. Only one of the corporations was given permission to research and develop munitions: Credence Military Revival Ltd. The rest of the corporations provided goods and services to the public.

Aelon Fabrications, along with Icorn Fabrications, produce and sell refined fuels, gases, biomaterial for surgical purposes, and secondary metal products. Baton Workshop provides the worlds with research and development in construction. Pharme Interplanetary is central to the research and development of medicine. Cartisian Holdings are responsible for the distribution of currency and population in the Alliance, although they are not permitted to alter, tax, or otherwise, influence the value of the currency or the production thereof.

The total population of the Alliance ranges in the five billion. Set backs from the wars before the Treaty of the Five resulted in massive population, skill, technological, and scientific loss. As an aftermath, the cures and treatments to many diseases were lost, the knowledge of interstellar travel and communication was set back by a century, and the civil liberties of the people had been reformed temporarily.

The Treaty of the Five was signed a century ago.

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