Of Constructs and Men BG

Of Constructs and Men, 2018

Of Constructs and Men is the next title, which focuses more on the objectification of women and how their rights can be taken away at the discretion of those in seats of power. The story revolves around Letitia Dube, whose son was taken away shortly after birth. Her quest to get him back leads her to the discovery of genetically-engineered soldiers, experimented on since infancy, and plans for war with the Alliance. Her hand is forced and she carries the burden of stopping a war that would tear apart the Alliance, and would expose the star systems to the Trade Collective; a conglomerate of highly capitalistic businesses that strip systems of every resource, and have no issues with slavery.

A run-through of Of Constructs and Men:

The story follows Letitia Dube, a security officer at one of the largest fabrication companies: Icorn Fabrications, set in the quiet town named after and built around the fabrication; Icornburg. Letitia suspects the company is up to no good when she loses her son after giving birth, only to follow his and her friend’s baby’s trail to the Icorn. She worms her way into the company by changing her identity and working to be promoted to The Light Tower, the tallest building in the plant, where she discovers a dreadful secret.

Unbeknown to her, the CEO of Icorn has been keeping an eye on Letitia, subtly grooming her for a special purpose within the company. Upon her newest promotion as security officer directly responsible for the midnight shifts at The Light Tower, Letitia finds her son along with thousands of other children as they’re kept sedated, hooked up to machines in individual pods and experimented on.

Letitia rescues her boy, now two years old, but finds that he’s dying after disconnecting him from his pod. She rushes him to hospital where he’s pronounced dead. Icorn’s CEO, Mr. Bram, walks into the hospital shortly after and asks her to join his campaign and in return, he has the ability to bring her son back to life. Reluctantly, she agrees and returns with him to The Light Tower where he explains the purpose of the experiments: genetically enhanced child soldiers. Letitia, mortified at the revelation, protests and backs off her agreement. Unsurprised by her reaction, and quite disappointed, Mr. Bram motions to one of the scientists in the tower.

A child comes out of one of the rooms and stands in show before them. Mr. Bram hands the child, no older than 10, a submachine gun. Without hesitance, the child opens fire in a spray to every angle, killing Mr. Bram and the near-by staff. Letitia sees the girl walk closer and extend her hand to her. The little girl smiles and promises a better world.

But that’s just the beginning…