The contagion hadn’t leaked but people around the lab reported symptoms. Do we not yet fully understand our own creation?


It split then mutated. It devoured its environment. It lived and it evolved. From there, it conquered and destroyed.

It, human.


How had it come to this? The nanobots were harmless, they healed us, kept us alive. Where did they achieve sentience?!

I looked into her eyes and like a mirror, she looked into mine.
“I am,” she repeated her answer to my question.
“You’re me?!”

She was war-torn; two nations battled inside for the right to control her. Blood filled her body. Her lungs, explosions.

They huddled across the pool, oblivious to the enormity of the universe around them. A bright light appeared, far above the dish.

“Awaken/,” came the command line. A beep, followed by the screech of data, focused the darkness out from her vision.

The Olifant barrel loomed overhead, its shadow the cold reminder of what the world became. Thunder boomed out it, and we lost.

It was a dream; a pleasant one, but still just a dream. The utopian idea of negative mass and warp drives faded with each blink.

Government. (FanFic – Star Wars)
“Silence!” The voices that filled the hall quelled into a hum. The Chancellor’s seat hovered over the Republic. “All in favour?”


Stalks protruded from his hands, at first. His body was a forest by the time Ange came back with the anti-fungal.
“This won’t do.”


The Light Tower was more than a research building, it was a laboratory equipped to alter the genes of children.

Green. (FanFic – W40k)

“My favourite shade of green?” the Great Unclean One repeated the cultist’s question as he thought. “Gangrene.”

Forest floors covered in minute atomic blasts of the invasive lime fungi signalled the end of the terraforming campaign.


“It’s rendered. Rendered!” she arched her arms above her head as the homonculi animated on the screen before her glazed eyes.


They aligned, and darkness fell on the land as their proximities charged an EMP across the planet that the moons orbited.

“W-where am I?”
“Beats me.”
“But you took me!”
It shrugged.